Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is a federal/state program designed to obtain, maintain, advance employment for people with disabilities by working with DVR consumers, employers, and other partners.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About DVR

  1. DVR is here to help you find or keep a job.
  2. You are eligible for DVR services if you have a disability that makes it hard for you to find or keep a job and you need DVR services to overcome disability limitations. After You apply, DVR has 60 days to decide if you are eligible.
  3. Information about your DVR case is protected by confidentiality rules. Your DVR counselor will explain those to you.
  4. When DVR cannot serve everyone who applies we us a waiting list called Order of Selection. If you are put on the DVR waiting list, DVR will contact you to begin services.
  5. You will work work with your counselor to choose an appropriate job goal and the services needed to reach your goal. DVR will give you the help you need to make informed choices about your services. You and your DVR counselor will agree on an Individualized Plan for Employment.
  6. There is no charge to you for most DVR services. You may be required to share the cost of some services, but your counselor will talk to you about any costs before services start.
  7. You can contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP) at 800-362-1290 for help if you disagree with a decision that DVR makes. CAP can help explain the DVR process, why and how decisions are made and may help your resolve problems.
  8. Contact DVR at least once a month- more often if anything changes with your case.
  9. Your Individualized Plan for Employment is written to help you reach your goal. Between your meetings with DVR staff, it is your responsibility to do the things listed in your employment plan.
  10. When you have reached your job goal and you have received the services listed in your employment plan, your DVR case will be closed. your counselor will discuss this with you before your case is closed. You can reapply to DVR if something changes in your life and you need DVR employment services again.

Applying for services through DVR is easy. Below are your options to apply.

  1. Using the Online tool
  2. Using the Paper or Alternate Format
  3. A DVR coordinator can also assist if accommodations or extra help is needed such as a referral via phone at 1-920-930-6733 for someone with a visual impairment
  4. Check with your teachers or request a meeting with a DVR counselor during your IEP meeting
  5. Ask what days the DVR Counselor will be visiting your school and request an appointment

For more information or connection to employment services, use the links above or review the website for DVR .

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