The transition process can be just as concerning for parents as it is for students. Parents can assist their students by increasing awareness of the services and supports available to help their child through the transition process. Below are the links that will be helpful to get started with the transition process.

When considering the next steps after your child’s 18th birthday, there are alternative options to guardianship to consider. These options allow your child the opportunity to make the important decisions to direct their life and their goals. The links below will provide information on how you can continue to support your child with their decisions while allowing them to make the decisions that matter.

GWAAR Guardianship Resources

Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making Toolkit

What you should know about Wisconsin Law: Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities

SSA Representative Payee

As a parent, conversations about healthy boundaries and discussions of puberty can be challenging. These discussions may be more difficult as a parent of a student with special needs. The information below is offered to provide guidance to help with these conversations.

Healthy Boundaries– Children and youth who understand healthy boundaries are more likely to develop skills for self-control and individual responsibility. This in turn will help them show respect for others and develop personal safety rules. Everyone deserves respect and to feel safe.

Visit the Healthy Bodies website to view more information, the appendix and social stories.

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