IEP: Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP)

With stakeholder input, the Department of Public Instruction has developed a web-based IEP: Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) that will assist local educational agencies to document the postsecondary transition requirements with 100% compliance while allowing for individualization to meet student needs. The PTP is the application for collecting Indicator 13 data. Because state law requires transition plans for students with disabilities aged 14 and above, the PTP is used to develop and monitor transition plans for all students with disabilities who need a postsecondary transition plan.

Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities

Postsecondary Transition Plan offered through UW-Whitewater in collaboration with TIG- A free self-paced online course on best practices around developing a post-secondary transition plan for students with disabilities. To learn more, check out the UW-Whitewater Free PTP Course.

Beginning 2 years before graduation, students can begin to utilize services through Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. The following is the Confidential Information Release Authorization which can be completed to disclose information on behalf of the student in order to facilitate service coordination. The DWD website can be utilized to assist with placing the referral for services at the request of the student or parents.

The Referral Tracking for Teachers document to the left can be utilized to assist with determining the appropriate date in which to refer the student for services. The information on the sheet will provide quick access for placing a referral for transition related services. Open the document utilizing Lumin PDF to allow filling of the form.

The Independent Living Postsecondary Goal IEP Team Discussion Assistance Form can offer guidance to identify the students strengths and the students needs. By identifying the strengths and needs, a direction can be established to work towards transition activities for the student.

Preparing students for life after K-12 school is essential for their success. Educators have a key role on the front line of this challenging and rewarding journey. Helping students explore and establish a plan early gives them a strong foundation from which to launch. Check out the Looking Forward To Your Future website for more information.

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